Agran’s Shameful Anti-Veterans Cemetery Crusade

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“‘What is this $100,000 a month for Forde and Mollrich’? And they told me it was for public relations. And I said, ‘we’ve got to reduce that. I mean, that’s way too much. We’ve got to reduce that.’ And they literally laughed. I asked them ‘why are you laughing?’ [They replied], ‘Good luck on that.'”

“When I hear Larry Agran say that we are on time and on budget, I say shame on you, you just wasted $95 million in plans designing a project that will never get built. If that’s not waste, I don’t know what is.”

“We had a saying among the insiders,” testified William Kogerman, a former Great Park board member and a retired Marine. “We never seem to have enough money to do it right, but we always have enough money to do it over.”

“One of their approaches to this is to negotiate the highest fixed fee and put the least expensive people on it so that the profit margin was higher. And they would deliver a product that didn’t satisfy, but they would claim that it did.”

“in her view, the Forde and Mollrich contract ‘was excessive.”‘

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