CARPETBAGGER: Sukhee Kang Moves to Fullerton to Run for State Senate

From the OC Politics Blog

Democrat Sukhee Kang, the former mayor of Irvine, has moved out of Irvine. He headed to Fullerton, to run for the 29th State Senate District as a carpetbagger, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Kang is however damaged goods in the wake of the brutal Great Park audit which shows that Kang, and his Democratic colleagues on the Irvine City Council, Larry Agran and Beth Krom, screwed the taxpayers by wasting millions of dollars that should have been used to develop the Great Park but were instead used to pay off lobbyists and PR hacks.

Moreover Kang, according to his bio, started his career as a sales representative at the failed Circuit City company. Then he and his wife ran a few Stride Rite shoe stores. Are you kidding? Kang is woefully unqualified to serve in our State Legislature. Although he is certainly a good candidate to run a hot dog cart in Sacramento.

Another Democrat, former Brea Councilman Brett Murdock, is also considering a bid for the 29th District, according to the O.C. Register. Good luck with that. Brea has very few voters and it is unlikely that anyone outside of Brea knows who Murdock is.

The Democrats think they have a shot at the 29th as they are now within 3 percentage points in voter registration in this district. But how can they expect a damaged carpetbagger like Kang to be competitive?

The last time Kang ran for office was in 2012 when he challenged former U.S. Rep. John Campbell in the 45th Congressional District. Campbell, a Republican who has since retired, beat Kang soundly by about 50,000 votes according to Smart Voter.

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